Caney Creek Estates Club, Inc.
Our Purpose
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Caney Creek Estates Club, Incorporated. A homeowners association for Caney Creek Estates. Established in 1952

Organization Purpose

The purpose of the Corporation shall be to promote
civic pride, develop social welfare, and establish public unity in
the community; to maintain those lots conveyed to the Corporation
and held for the common good and use of the Members; to assist in
all economic, civic, and social enterprise or activities that are
for the welfare of the community; and to provide internal rules
for the regulation and management of the affairs of the
Corporation not inconsistent with the Articles of the Corporation
or Article 1396-2.01 of the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act.

Our Mission

To promote a high quality of life and to protect property values through the prudent use of resources, for the benefit of all who live, visit, or work in Caney Creek Estates.

Caney Creek Estates Club, Inc. * PO Box 4317 * Sargent * TX * 77404